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About Us

The beginning of The Blue Sky @ Koh Payam
  • The resort was inspired by the owners desire to escape the hustle and bustle and chaos of the capital Bangkok and its traffic congestion every day.
  • After arriving at Koh Payam, it was easy to fall in love with the beautiful and pure nature, just like Koh Samui 40 years ago.
  • The Blue Sky @ Koh Payam first opened in 1999 with just 5 villas and a restaurant.
The beginning of The Maldives of Thailand
  • The piece of land purchased by the owner has a lovely sandy beach. On the day the architect first visited the land it was flooded. The owner then realised the local villagers sold the flooded land, and the villagers did not have the money to replace the damaged dam which caused the floods.
  • This crisis was turned into an opportunity and overwater villa concept was introduced.
  • The owner had visited The Maldives 10 years before and was inspired to create the circular villas with grass roof and wooden walkways.
  • Tourists began calling the resort The Maldives of Thailand and the name has stuck ever since.
Highlights of The Maldives of Thailand
  • The beautiful view of Koh Payam golden beach and mountains.
  • A spectacular spot to see the morning sun rise from the water.
  • Close to the pier easy to walk to the local market.
  • Sail along the natural river in the mangrove forest to see the beautiful nature.
  • 180 degree view of Koh Payam.
  • The wind can be cool during winter.
  • The island does not face the monsoon rain so it's possible to visit all year round.
  • There are 19 Maldives villas each offering privacy and comfort.
  • Sea view swimming pool to relax.
  • Many opportunities to take beautiful photos at the resort.
  • Read our reviews, many people say you have to come once-in-a-lifetime.
The path to growth
  • 1999 resort opened with 5 villas and a restaurant.
  • 2001 expanded to include 19 villas.
  • 2013 the 11 new two-storey villas were added to the collection which now totals 30 rooms, along with the saltwater swimming pool. The conference room was converted to a karaoke room.
  • 2018 new photo spots are added to the resort at the restaurant, large balconies and around the swimming pool. "The Maldives of Thailand" The Blue Sky @ Koh Payam.