Travel Information

1. Fly from Bangkok to Ranong, the most comfortable option

  • Fly from Don Mueang to Ranong with Nok Air or Air Asia, the flight duration is just one hour.
  • Arrange a pick up in advance and the resort van will be at Ranong airport waiting to greet guests for the 30 minute transfer to the pier.
  • The boat transfer to Koh Payam is approximately 45 minutes, from the pier in Koh Payam, it takes less than 5 minutes to reach the resort by golf cart.

2. Drive from Bangkok to Ranong

  • It is quite a long drive from Bangkok to Ranong, around 8-9 hours, so this can be a tiring journey.
  • There are several car parking facilities at the pier where you can leave your vehicle while you sail to the island.
  • The boat time is 45 minutes to Koh Payam.

3. Bus from Bangkok to Ranong

  • If you prefer someone else to drive you can get the bus from the Southern Bus Terminal at around 8.30pm.
  • It is an overnight journey so again, you may feel tired when you arrive in Ranong the next morning.
  • A minibus will take you to the pier where you will board the boat for the 45 minute journey to Koh Payam.

4. Speedboat to Koh Payam

  • If arriving early in the morning on the Nok Air flight we recommend you join the speedboat departing Ranong at 09.00, arriving at Koh Payam at 10.00
  • The afternoon boat will depart Ranong at 14.30, arriving at Koh Payam at 15.30
  • Tickets cost THB 350 per person
  • Speedboats operate almost every hour however guests can enjoy the convenience of a buggy pick up on the above journeys
  • If you arrive early at the pier you can spend time at the restaurant or enjoy a walk through the village
  • There are convenience stores and shops just 5 minutes away
  • The ferry boat to Koh Payam takes 2-2.5 hours and costs THB 200 per person