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Popular Questions @ Koh Payam

1.What is the difference between Villa Zone R and Villa Zone L?
  • All decorations are the same
  • Villa Zone R has more beautiful views of the mangrove and the water level rises earlier from the tide
  • There are stairs from the villa to the water in Villa Zone R
  • If budget is not an issue, then Villa Zone R is the best choice
2. What is the difference between the Seaview Villas and Lagoon View Villas?
  • These two story villas are the same in every way, only the location and view is different
  • The Seaview Villa is right on the beach overlooking the sea
  • If budget is not a problem, then Seaview is the best option
  • If you want the same comfort but want to save on costs, the lagoon view is a good choice
3. What is the most convenient way to travel to Koh Payam?
  • Fly from Don Muang to Ranong Airport
  • Then take the resort van to the pier 30 minutes drive
  • Take the speedboat to Koh Payam and arrive in 45 minutes
  • The resort's golf cart will pick you up at the pier, the resort is only 5 minutes from the pier
4. What time boat do you recommend to Koh Payam?
  • If arriving by Nok Air flight from Bangkok you arrive at the pier at 7.30am. Enjoy breakfast and conveniences at Blue Monkey Coffee Shop.
  • The speedboat departs at 9.00am and arrives at the resort at 10am. While waiting for check-in at 2pm you can:
    • Enjoy the resort atmosphere and take photographs
    • Leave your bags and explore the island and beach
    • Enjoy lunch at the resort and wait for 2pm
  • If arriving at the pier in the afternoon the boat departs at 2.30pm, getting to the resort at 3.30pm.
  • Speedboat tickets are THB 350 per person, available to purchase at Blue Monkey
5. What is there to do in Koh Payam?
  • Kayaking during high tide is a must
  • Take a tractor to Khao Khwai Bay, the rocks are very interesting
  • Cycle to Koh Payam temple, it is good exercise during the morning and early evening
  • If you can drive a motorbike, rent one for the day to travel around the bay it is quite fun. Local price for rental is THB 250 per day
  • Longtail boat trips can take you around the island, prices are available at reception
  • Go to Ao Yai for sunset it is very beautiful
6. What activities are there at the resort?
  • Kayaking, cycling and tractor rides are all available at the resort
  • Swim in the pool and enjoy the beach (don't forget your swimsuit)
  • Enjoy karaoke with your friends
  • Take photos around the resort, there are many photo opportunities
  • Wake early to enjoy the sunrise at the beach at the restaurant, it's a great way to start the day
  • Dinner at the seaside restaurant is a must do
  • Sleep under the stars, it's highly recommended
  • Read a book in the comfort of your room
  • There are many more, come and see for yourself