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Koh Payam Information

Koh Payam
  • Approximately 35 square kilometers
  • It is beautiful like Samui island 40 years ago
  • The villagers say that a long time ago it was very difficult to come to the island, it took great effort, and this is the reason it is called Koh Payam meaning effort
  • Backpackers have been visiting the island for over 10 years
  • There are no roads, no cars, no electricity, it is very natural
  • There are many beautiful beaches such as Ao Yai, Ao Khoa Khwai Ao Kwang and Ao Ao
Ao Yai Beach
  • This 2 kilometer beach is located on the west of the island
  • It is a wide sandy beach with windy waves, good for surfing
  • Beautiful sunset point on the island
Ao Khao Kaay
  • Wide sandy beach, known locally as shaped like a buffalo horn
  • Beautiful stones, a great place for photos
Ao Kwang Peep
  • Located in the north of Koh Payam
  • Beautiful beach with crystal clear water
  • To reach the beach the trail is steep and not recommended during rainy season, high driving skill is required
Ao Mae Mai
  • Located in the east port of the island
  • Golden sand, and where the Blue Sky Resort is located
Koh Payam Temple
  • This unique temple can be seen from a distance when approaching the island
  • The temple is in the middle of the sea and shaped like a lotus flower
Highlight of Koh Payam
  • The island is very natural, beautiful and unspoilt
  • No big roads, busy traffic
  • No electricity
  • Traditional and authentic island life
  • Great tasting cashew nuts are grown here
  • Blue Sky Resort is a highlight - The Maldives of Thailand
  • There are around 60 hotels in Koh Payam
  • Hotels range from small bungalows costing a few hundred Baht a night to boutique resorts that charge a few thousand Baht.
  • At this time there are no ATMs on the island, we recommend you bring enough cash with you
  • Credit cards are accepted at Blue Sky Resort
  • Speed boats take 45 minutes and cost THB 350 per person
  • The ferry takes 2.5 hours and costs THB 200 per person
Motorbike Rental
  • Rental fees are THB 200-250 per day excluding fuel
  • Riding is a great way to explore the island
Island facilities
  • Ban Koh Payam School
  • Koh Payam Health Center
  • Police station
  • There are communities, shops and restaurants

Koh Payam Activities

Here are the top resort activities at the Maldives of Thailand:

  • Kayaking is a great way to explore Koh Payam. The tide rises twice a day so check with reception the best time to go.
  • Island tour by tractor will take you to the white sand beach Ao Khao Khwai and visit the interesting rock formations
  • Cycle to Koh Payam temple in the morning or afternoon when the temperature is cooler
  • Hire a motorbike from the local villagers and ride around the island it cost only THB 250 per day
  • Sail around the island by longtail boat, prices available at reception
  • Enjoy the romantic sunset at Ao Yai
  • Swim at the resort’s beachfront pool and enjoy the great atmosphere (don’t forget your swimsuit)
  • If you love to sing, then you will love the karaoke room at the resort
  • Take amazing photos at every corner of our resort
  • Relax in your private room and read a good book in comfort
  • Do not miss dinner at the beachfront restaurant day and night there is a great ambiance
  • Sleep under the stars! We highly recommend it.
  • Witness sunrise at the beachfront restaurant, a great way to welcome each new day
  • There are many more activities that you can discover yourself!